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Withdrawal from the Graduate Program

From Radiological Sciences

[edit] Procedures to Withdraw from Program

If you leave the Radiological Sciences program through graduation, withdrawal, dismissal, or leave of absence, the following procedures should be followed. It is not possible to complete the clearance process in one day. Until you are cleared in all areas, a "Hold" will be in force on your official transcript.

  1. Notify the Graduate Office by bringing by a letter describing your intentions to clear campus. At this time, the checklist below will be issued to you for clearing through the Radiological Sciences Division.
  2. Inform the Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences who will issue you an Official University Student Clearance Form. (The Dean then notifies the Registrar's Office that you are in the process of clearing.)
  3. It is your responsibility to obtain clearance in appropriate areas listed on the form such as the library, laboratories, university police, financial aid, bursar's office, etc.
  4. If you are receiving financial aid or have student financial aid debt, schedule an exit interview with the Financial Aid Office to work out repayment schedules, etc.

[edit] Checklist for Clearing Radiological Sciences Graduate Program

  1. Meet with Faculty Advisor or Division Chief to discuss plan of action and submit letter of intent.
  2. Return any books or materials to the Radiology Library Center
  3. Terminate user logon ID for electronic mail Computing Resources
  4. Turn in any lab coat(s) issued for your use by Linen Services
  5. Drop off any University lab or office keys to the Administration Office in Room 652E.
  6. Sign below and drop this form off to the Radiological Sciences Graduate Student Office. Please leave name, address and phone number of your employer with the Program Coordinator and, if you have not cleared through the University, proceed to the Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences for further instructions.

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