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Sequential Procedures Required for Completing the PhD Program

From Radiological Sciences

Sequential Procedures Checklist for Ph.D.

COGS assigns a member of Graduate Faculty to serve as counselor on academic matters and monitor student’s progress in: Successfully completing contingencies of admission and course requirements of the program (Approved by COGS)

Identifying all required course work (Approved by COGS)

Selecting an area of research specialization

An annual review of students will take place each February by COGS.


[edit] Qualifying Exam

The Qualifying Exam is administered in June of each year. Students ordinarily take the exam at the end of the spring semester of their second year, by which time all required course work should have been completed.

[edit] Part I & II

Qualifying Exam Committee administers the exam and evaluates student's performance, reports its judgment to COGS.

Scores on the Exam will be sent to students as well as the average score for each question.

[edit] Part III - Oral

The oral exam must be taken within one year of passing Part I & II of the Qualifying Exam. Presentations are given in the form of a grant proposal. The presentation may be on any topic, but preferably based on dissertation research. The presentation is given during a seminar open to the public.

Students should notify the Graduate Program Office of the proposed date of the presentation. A flyer will be sent to all Division and department faculty as well as the Graduate Dean's Office.

The proposal should be reviewed by the Proposed Supervising Committee and mailed to the off campus member for their comments prior to the presentation.

The Supervising Committee meets with the student after the presentation and votes on approval of Part III.

[edit] Admission to Candidacy Requirements:

Satisfactory completion of all required courses

Cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in all course work undertaken since matriculation in the program

Report by Qualifying Exam Committee that the student has passed the Qualifying Exam

Report by the student's research advisor and other graduate faculty that the student has clearly evidenced the potential for productive and independent investigation.

Faculty advisor requests COGS' approval for candidacy.

COGS submits Petition of Admission to Candidacy Form to the Dean with documentation of satisfaction of the requirements.

[edit] Approval of the Dean Selection of the Supervising Professor

No later than three months after admission to candidacy, the Supervising Professor shall be decided upon by mutual agreement of candidate, faculty member and COGS.

Draft of Dissertation Research Proposal Candidate prepares a draft of a research proposal specifying the research to be undertaken, its significance in the scientific field, and the general methods and techniques to be utilized.

Proposal submitted to Supervising Professor for review and modification. Subsequent drafts submitted to other faculty members who have knowledge and expertise in the area selected by candidate, Supervising Professor and COGS.

Final draft of dissertation research proposal is subject to review and approval by COGS, which may specifically designate a group of faculty members to review the proposal drafts.

Nomination of Supervising Committee Supervising Committee must consist of at least five persons:

The Supervising Professor, designated as Supervising Professor and Chairman of the Supervising Committee
One member from outside Health Science Center who must be an expert in the field of the proposed dissertation
Two members who must be members of the graduate faculty of the program
One additional member who must be a faculty member of the Health Science Center in a supporting area outside the program (need not be a member of the graduate school faculty)

After approval of the proposal by COGS, the Supervising Professor and candidate make recommendations to COGS regarding the composition of the Supervising Committee.

COGS submits the Recommendation for Approval of Dissertation Research Proposal and Supervising Committee Form to the Graduate Faculty Council and the Dean for consideration.

After approval by COGS, the student decides which monthly Graduate Faculty Council meeting they wish to attend and submits a written description of the proposed work to the Associate Dean for review and approval at least 21 calendar days before the scheduled meeting.

Candidate and Supervising Professor appear at the next regular meeting of the Graduate Faculty Council for discussion of the proposal and the proposed Supervising Committee. Approval of the Dissertation Proposal and Supervising Committee

After approval by Graduate Faculty Council and Dean, candidate may register for Dissertation Course.

[edit] Supervision of Dissertation Research

Within one month after approval of Supervising Committee, Supervising Professor shall convene the committee to discuss with the candidate the progress of the dissertation research and the projected future work.

At least every six months thereafter, the committee shall meet with the candidate for presentation of progress reports (written and/or oral).

COGS should receive reports of the research progress from the Supervising Committee after each of its meetings with the candidate.

Major changes in the research status (such as selection of a new Supervising Professor, new Supervising Committee members, or new research question) must be submitted to the Graduate Faculty Council and the Dean for consideration.

[edit] Submission of the Dissertation

After agreement of the Supervising Committee that the research has progressed sufficiently for submission of the dissertation, the draft of the dissertation shall be submitted to the Supervising Professor and then to all members of the Supervising Committee and Associate Dean for review and recommendations for modification.

Candidate must follow the guidelines for preparation of the dissertation provided by the Graduate School Office in Instructions for Preparation and Submission of Thesis, Dissertations, and Dissertation Abstracts.

Candidate must ensure adequate time for review and modification in accordance with the schedule of deadlines provided each term by the Graduate School Office.

Student obtains schedule of deadlines from Graduate Program Office

[edit] Final Oral Exam

Once the Supervising Committee judges the dissertation to be suitable for defense, it shall submit a Request for Final Oral Examination Form through the COGS to the Dean and request scheduling of the Final Oral Exam.

20 copies of the abstract and vitae should accompany the Request for Final Oral Exam.

Public announcement of the Final Oral Exam will be made by the Graduate School Office.

Final Oral Exam is conducted by the Supervising Committee with the Supervising Professor, as Chairman.

Interested persons may attend the public defense and have the right to question the candidate.

After the public defense, the Final Oral Exam continues with an intensive oral exam by the Supervising Committee, which is not open to the public.

Supervising Committee members vote on the Candidate's success or failure on the Final Oral Exam. More than one vote for failure signifies failure on the exam.

Supervising Committee submits the Report on the Final Oral Examination Form to the COGS.

COGS votes on whether to approve the recommendation by the Supervising Committee for granting of the degree.

[edit] Recommendation for Granting of the Degree

The Chairman of COGS indicates approval on the Report on Final Oral Examination Form and submits the report to the Graduate Faculty Council for consideration.

Candidate submits to the Graduate School Office the final typed copy of the dissertation (including the original dissertation approval page signed by the Supervising Committee members) ready for binding process. Detailed instructions on binding.

When both the original report and the dissertation in final form have been received, the Graduate Faculty Council will consider the recommendation for granting the degree.

If approved, the Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences notifies the President of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio that the candidate has fulfilled all requirements of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Upon the candidate's certification by the President, the degree, is conferred by the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System.

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