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Radiation Therapy Physics - MS Degree

From Radiological Sciences

Radiation Therapy Physics Curriculum M.S. Plan

Image: TherapyPhysicsBanner.png

* Required for all students < Radiation Therapy Physics Track {} Prerequisite Courses

Radiation oncology involves the use of ionizing radiation in the treatment of patients with cancer and occasionally non-malignant conditions. Therapeutic doses of ionizing radiation may only be prescribed by a physician who possesses the appropriate training and experience in the application of this modality. The delivery of radiation as a therapeutic modality demands strict attention to the training and experience of all personnel associated with this process, the equipment used in this process and the patient and personnel safety in the delivery of a process.

Radiation Therapy Physics is that branch of medical physics which deals with (1) the therapeutic application of roentgen rays, of gamma rays, of electron and charged particle rays, of neutrons, and of radiation from sealed sources, and (2) the equipment associated with their production and use.

-YEAR 1-

Fall Semester CU Spring Semester CU Summer Semester CU
RADI 5011 <Radiation and Nuclear Physics 3 RADI 5020 <Principles of Health Physics I {RADI 5011} 3 RADI 6097 Research 6
RADI 5005 <Fundamentals of Radiation Dosimetry 3 RADI 6024 *Radiological Anatomy & Physiology 3 RADI 5007 <Statistics in Radiological Sciences 1
RADI 5015 *Physics of Diagnostic Imaging I 3 RADI 6030 <Physics of Radiotherapy {RADI 5005} 3
RADI 5090 *Seminars in Radiological Sciences 1 INTD 6002 *Ethics in Research 0.5

-YEAR 2-

Fall Semester CU Spring Semester CU Summer Semester CU
RADI 6031 <Physics Measurements in Radiotherapy I {RADI 6030} 3 RADI 6012 <Physics of Nuclear Medicine {RADI 5011} 3 RADI 6098 <Thesis 6
RADI 5025 *Basic Radiation Biology 3 RADI 6035 <Physics Measurements in Radiotherapy II {RADI 6031} 3
RADI 5001 Basic Radiation Safety in Lab 1 RADI 6033 < Advanced Radiotherapy Physics {RADI 6030} 3
RADI 5090 *Seminars in Radiological Sciences 1
RADI 6097 Research 2

-YEAR 3-

Fall Semester CU Spring Semester CU Summer Semester CU
RADI 6098 <Thesis# 9

#MS candidates are required to take two semesters of "Thesis" but may request waiver of second semester of "Thesis" from COGS.

Radiation Therapy Physics Electives:

RADI 6042 Non Ionizing Radiation Biology & Biophysics
RADI 6036 Principles of Computer-Aided Dosimetry
RADI 6021 Principles of Health Physics II
RADI 6049 Introduction to MRI
RADI 5010 Medical Biophysics
RADI 6035 Radiotherapy Clinical Practices
RADI 6072 Critical Skills in Writing Research Papers & Grant Applications

RADI 6091 Current Topics in the Radiological Sciences

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