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From Radiological Sciences

Non-Degree Student Status is available for individuals who have a baccalaureate degree and wish to take selected graduate-level courses. Obtaining this status does not lead to a graduate degree, but does allow qualified students to take courses with the permission of the Associate Dean. In general, you will not be permitted to register for non-degree status for more than four successive semesters. In addition, non-degree students are not eligible to receive federal financial aid.

The process for submitting an application has several steps:

  1. Arrange a meeting with the Associate Dean of the Graduate School. Allow about an hour for a meeting in which you will be asked for a verbal description of your goals in seeking admission as a Non-Degree Status Student. You must provide a copy of your final student transcript that includes your coursework and also gives evidence that you have received the baccalaureate degree. Any other supporting documents of your academic history will also be helpful.
  2. You will receive Non-Degree Student materials as follows:
      • Course Card
      • Authorization for Security Background and Sanction Check
      • Immunization Card
      • UTHSCSA Health Insurance Coverage Form
  3. Complete the on-line application. It is not necessary for you to supply letters of recommendation or a personal statement as required for regularly enrolled students.[see note below] Arrange to have an official version of your transcript sent directly to the UTHSCSA Graduate Registrar.
  4. Complete the Course Card. Take it to the course director responsible for the course you wish to take and have the course director sign the card. This signifies that the course director is willing to take you into the course if your Application is approved. You should use this opportunity to discuss the course, its prerequisites, assigned texts, and any other requirements the course may have. You should leave the course director with information to contact you – telephone, mailing address, or e-mail address. This will be important if there are scheduling or room changes before the course begins.
  5. Complete the Authorization for Security Background and Sanction Check. If you are not on campus, please fax the signed authorization form to us at 210-567-3719 and retain the signed original form for submission at a later date.
  6. Once we receive your completed application, bring the course card and background authorization check to the Graduate Dean’s Office.
  7. Once all your materials have been received and admission approved, you will be mailed an official letter of admission from the Graduate Dean. The Graduate Registrar will then provide you with information about the date and time of registration. Be prepared to bring the completed immunization card with you at the time of registration.
  8. Additional information can be obtained from the Graduate School of Biological Sciences Viewbook
  9. You will also have to present evidence that you vaccination history complies with GSBS student guidelines and/or procure any required vaccinations that you have not already completed.
  10. Please note that deadlines for application are as follows: July 1 for the Fall Semester; November 1 for the Spring Semester and April 1 for the Summer Term.

Note: If you subsequently apply for admission as a degree-seeking student, you will then be required to complete another application and provide recommendations at that time. It will not be necessary to provide another official transcript.

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